Understanding Event-Led Growth

Airmeet partners with GTM Partners on the first Guide to Event-Led Growth. This guide includes data-driven research in partnership with G2 and Airmeet. Event Led Growth is one of the 7 GTM motions.


2000% quality leads from one source - GTM Partners' Airmeet ROI Study

Event-Led Growth (ELG) is one of the core Go-to-Market motions we identified in our report on the 7 Go-to-Market Motions. For decades, B2B companies have leveraged events to generate high-quality leads, increase pipeline velocity, and increase brand visibility. However, there’s been an important shift in the last few years: some companies have evolved from “doing events” to using events as a strategic GTM motion core to revenue growth and expansion. 

This is why we wrote the Guide on Event-Led Growth, which includes:

What is Event-Led Growth?

A true ELG motion is a holistic, strategic GTM motion where organizations create personalized, immersive event experiences to drive ARR, GRR, and NRR.

Do You Have an Event-Led Growth Strategy?

How you can move from events to an event-led growth strategy.

Types of Events

Webinars, Virtual Experiences, In-Person Events, Hybrid Events - which events do you run for acquisition and retention.

The Event-Led Growth Maturity Model

What are the levels of event-led growth and how can companies mature?

About Airmeet

Airmeet is the world’s first Event Experience Cloud (EXC) built to help people join together from anywhere. More than 6,500 organizations use Airmeet to grow their brand and revenue through immersive experiences and meaningful connection. Airmeet’s platform supports all event formats, including conferences, webinars, meetups, workshops, town halls, career fairs, expos, and more. Founded in 2019, by IIT alumni and ex-Common Floor executives Lalit MangalManoj Kumar Singh, and Vinay Kumar Jasti. Airmeet is a 290 person remote-first team based out of six countries and has raised a total of USD $50 million in venture capital.

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