The State and The Future of GTM

Join our LinkedIn Live Event on September 12th @ 12 Noon EST

We will be covering:

The current and future state of GTM

The evolution of Marketing and Sales functions and their role in GTM

A unifying definition for GTM and the roles and responsibilities of CEO, CMO, CROs, and more

An 8-pillar GTM Operating System that helps companies approach GTM more holistically

A use-case-based GTM Technology Cloud that helps organizations identify the right tech to support their GTM process

Key trends that are driving the GTM Technology Landscape, in partnership with G2

Jill Rowley

GTM Advisor & LP at Stage 2 Capital

Lindsay Cordell

Founding Partner at GTM Partners

Godard Abel

Godard Abel

Co-founder & CEO at G2

Mallory Lee

VP of Revenue Operations at Terminus

Kelly Owen Grover

VP of Growth at Acoustic

Matt Heinz

President at Heinz Marketing Inc