GTM Operating System Pillar Guide - Total Relevant Market

In September we released the 8-pillar GTM Operating System. Every month we are releasing deep dives into each pillar. The first pillar is Total Relevant Market. Sign up to get early access. 


Total Relevant Marketing - SalesIntel

Identify best-performing segments, customer cohorts, future possibilities

The GTM Operating System provides blueprints for how to run a successful plan to manage the execution of a successful GTM Motion(s) across the entire company. Each pillar builds on the next, allowing you to connect the dots between teams with significantly different roles. These 8 pillars are critical to ensuring that GTM is a company-wide holistic initiative and not just a marketing and sales initiative.

4 Steps: Total Relevant Market Definition

Gather ICP Intel

Collect characteristics of your ideal customers from GTM Teams.

Customer Comparison

Based on your ICP, who in your customer base is no longer an ideal customer.

Select Intel Provider

How will you gather the intel you need to systematically assess prospects.

ICP Scoring Model

Develop a model you can use to align the business around your targets.

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