Highlight Your Emerging Technology

Our customers are asking us what new tech can give them a competitive advantage this year. That's why we're publishing an Emerging Technology Report that promotes companies on the verge, companies with stellar solutions that just need visibility.

Releasing in August

Our original, analyst research is read by tens of thousands of GTM leaders in sales, marketing, customer success and product.

Our audience is interested in solving go-to-market problems using the latest and greatest technology. Our customers want to be on the cutting edge and are hungry to learn about new solutions.

Emerging technology companies will get the following benefits from working with GTM Partners on the Emerging Technology Report:

Inclusion in Report

Your company will be included in the Emerging Technology Report with a company overview and details on your value proposition.

Analyst briefing on category and use case

Get time with our analysts for your CEO to share how you fit into your category and what use cases you're solving.

Customer case study

Invite one of your customers to present their tech stack, including the pivotal role you play in helping them succeed.

Live critique

Our analysts will listen to a 5-7 minute demo or pitch and show you where improvements or clarifications could close more deals.

Utilize our GTM Operating System and Use-Case-Based GTM Technology Cloud

Apply our proprietary GTM Operating System—an 8-pillar framework that provides a GTM blueprint and the GTM Technology Cloud.

Lead gen

We collect email addresses for everyone who downloads the report and will share those with participating companies.

Our ROI Framework, Customer Case Studies and Testimonials

About GTM Partners

GTM Partners, a data-driven Go-To-Market Analyst firm helps organizations and GTM vendors to achieve efficient growth by transforming their GTM strategy. We work with high-growth companies to help them unify their GTM teams and to provide them with lasting strategies and frameworks. GTM Partners with a mission to make Go-To-Market simple aims to be the voice of the industry for all things GTM.

We do this by offering:

  1. Data and benchmarks collected from data providers, including G2 and Bombora, as well as our community of the world’s fastest-growing companies.
  2. Research, best practices, and design frameworks to provide guidance on the best-in-class approaches to strategizing, executing, and tooling your Go-to-Market approach.
  3. Personalized advice and support from experienced leaders and practitioners that help you address business challenges in a manner that is authentic and specific to you. Our consulting work focuses on areas such as Go-to-Market strategy, creating a Point of View, and Go-to-Market project execution strategy across the 8 pillars of GTM.
  4. Events and networking with industry leaders looking to define the category of Go-to-Market and revolutionize the way we create value for our organizations.

Meet the Analysts

Bryan Brown, Chief Analyst

Bryan is a SaaS pioneer and thought leader in the marketing and sales tech industry. He has both created and brought to market innovative software products and ideas while helping thousands of companies in their effort to grow revenue more efficiently. Bryan is a co-founder with multiple exits (Vtrenz) has led strategy teams in Fortune 100 Companies (IBM) and has helped multiple organizations scale their products & Go-to-Market approaches from point solutions to platforms via organic product development and through mergers & acquisitions (Silverpop, Terminus). His work over the years has been instrumental in forming new categories and securing top placements for his companies in both the Forrester WAVE and Gartner Magic Quadrant reports.

Lindsay Cordell, Senior Analyst

Lindsay is a practitioner turned analyst who studies best practices and trends in Go-to-Market and develops actionable models and blueprints for our clients. She has held both practitioner and leadership roles in almost every aspect of Go-to-Market, including Product, Marketing, Sales, Revenue Operations, and Enablement for several Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, Hearst, and Cox. She most recently ran the GTM Center of Excellence for the Account-Based Marketing Platform Solution Terminus.

Sangram Vajre, CEO

Sangram is a three-time best-selling author and co-founder of several organizations, including Terminus, The Peak Community, and most recently, GTM Partners. Sangram has been at the forefront of B2B marketing trends, the Flip-my-Funnel movement, and defining the Account-Based Marketing category, ushering in a new generation of marketers. He has previously held CMO roles at Pardot, a Salesforce company, and Terminus.

Highlight Your Emerging Technology

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