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Go To Market Partners
8 week go-to-market made simple bootcamp + 12 months of live Q&A on GTM “hot topics”

This is only open to c-level executive and heads of GTM teams (Sales,Marketing,Customer Success) at High-Alpha companies

When: July 15th – Kick-off
Sign-up link and why you want to be part of it: Reserve your spot for the July 15th bootcamp exclusively for the high-alpha companies.


Example topics:

                • GTM Foundations: What, Why, How of GTM
                • How to create a GTM strategy with a clear vision, mission and purpose
                • How to maximize at your stage of business (3 P’s)
                • How to build a great product roadmap
                • How to build ICP, buyer persona and buyer journey
                • How to build a GTM messaging house
                • How to create value through pricing and packaging
                • How to create a differentiated product offering
                • How to build founder led sales / GTM
                • How to hire your first VP/C-level GTM leaders
                • How to navigate the SaaS Valleys of death
                • How to create Customer Acquisition (ARR)
                • How to create Customer Enablement (GRR)
                • How to create Customer Retention (NRR)
                • How to build a GTM Dashboard (Rev Ops)
                • How to go from problem to product to platform
                • How to build and engage a community of future buyers
                • How to build thought leadership and clear PoV
                • How to build analysts relations to win the quadrant
                • How to create a category and win it
                • How to find your next MOVE
          • Access to GTM frameworks, worksheets, scorecards and templates

Got questions – contact Egan Montgomery for more information on GTM Smart program and pricing.

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